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VU Fraud Analysis.

This solution is ideal for environments with strong authentication methods in which it is necessary to provide a model of behavior analysis through user generated rules complement.

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What is Fraud Analysis VU?
This module generates user profiles based on the information provided by the core client. The solution works in the form of WebServices / REST / SOAP receiving and processing information. This module can be customized to suit the client requests Fields evaluate and detection rules can be customized from the administration console of the solution through logical operators defined on the whole, in addition to a knowledge base generated in function transactional history held by the company.

How VU Fraud Analysis work?
Based on the storage and processing of information as amounts, transaction date, transaction type, operating frequency and user login data, the system identifies possible cases of fraud or suspicious behavior and can either alert passively shaped form active firing process custom strong authentication for that user profile. The default product allows you to receive information via WebServices different fields and add value to each in order to reach a "threshold" to indicate a fraudulent transaction.

Channels and media in which they can avail the platform:

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