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The advance of telecommunications and networking, creates the need for robust user authentication systems to ensure the proper use of digital assets. VU Secure VPN is a flexible and designed in function of the needs of the user, whereby both the Administrator and the owner of the information, can ensure that only authorized personnel will access it.

Where is it installed?
The VU Secure VPN Server module can be implemented in any technology environment because it is cross-platform and provides a broad integration capabilities; either through SOA or Radius.El client module, whereby each user will log in every time you want to log in remotely to enterprise infrastructure, supports any mobile device with support J2ME, Blackberry, iPhone and Android.

How does it work?
Once implemented and integrated with the VPN system with which authenticates and gives the company access to its users, the system requires the user to enter the dynamic key is generated only time in his cell. The administrator can configure the level of security you want to apply and how often VU Secure VPN user request validation again.
In each case validation and access for each user, the VU Secure VPN client system on the mobile device generates a dynamic one-time password (OTP) which the user must enter in order to positively identify. Once the integrity, confidentiality and authenticity of the code is validated, the system will deliver the voucher or authorization.

Key features and benefits

Implementation scenarios
VU Security solutions can be integrated into any process of authentication or validation operations that use computer systems. Some of the most common and are used daily: Payment systems and financial access to computers, accounting systems, Access VPNs, Intranets, Email, Home Banking or any Web site security systems (turnstiles, access to vaults) or ATMs, CRMs, and / or IVR.

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