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VU Security Smart Wallet it is a solution for making payments through the mobile phone or any mobile device. The objective is to minimize the use of cash from users and add security to transactions generated by each user. With a Server module and a client module, all transactions are validated by the platform performed synchronously but without connection between them. Based algorithms with the highest security, Smart Wallet is the safest system for validating financial market transactions. The same can identify and generate a record of each transaction.

Where is it installed?
VU Server Security Smart Wallet module can be implemented in any technology environment because it is cross-platform and provides a broad integration capabilities; either through SOA, Radius or using APIs for custom integration. The client module supports any mobile device with support J2ME, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Android.

How does it work?
In each case validation and operations for each of the users, the Smart Wallet VU client system on the mobile device generates a unique numeric code which the user must inform or deliver to the terminal operation (Web, Voice, or Phone Pos Terminal) plus a user identifier that is defined by who deploys the platform. Once the integrity, confidentiality and authenticity of the code is validated, the system will deliver the voucher or authorization.
The capacity is developed which allows the platform to implement a robust online billing system, whereby users could realizer from micro to macro payments without the need to interact directly with your financial institution. The Smart Wallet backend would be who has the link to the payment gateway, so to manage balances and final accounts; also providing the additional option of adding a system of prepaid cards or gifts cards with the specifications that the company want to implement.

Key features and benefits

Implementation scenarios
VU Security solutions can be integrated into any process of authentication or validation operations that use computer systems. Some of the most common and are used daily: Payment systems and financial access to computers, accounting systems, Access VPNs, Intranets, Email, Home Banking or any Web site security systems (turnstiles, access to vaults ) or ATMs, CRMs, and / or IVR.

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