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Today, any final user, whether it’s a client or a regular citizens, can use different services through different sources: tablets, mobiles, Internet browsers or a kiosk, for example. Any of these devices have to offer the possibility of using a service to open a bank account, get a new credit card or hold a fixed-term deposit, among others. Most importantly, users must be able to do these things in a secure environment. To do so, sources must be connected with fraud prevention technology in order to validate the user’s identity, signature, telephone number and digital ID, besides reading and identifying its devices.

VU fraud prevention and analytical transactions solutions are integrated with Cisco’s Network & Behavior Analytics. Together, VU and Cisco provide unified identity management for network accesses, its business channels and, above all, the identity’s trazability on every one of the different technological and communication means the company has.

Thanks to the services available to the Cisco Solution Partners, which allow to interact with different technologies, and the wide support provided by VU for simple, standard integration methods, it is possible to integrate the access control on networks such as WiFi, VPN, CRM, Intranets and Extranets, with efficient trazability, control and auditing.

As a result, both citizens and internal users are provided with friction-less transactional operations. Cisco and VU work together to provide a scaleable API-ready infrastructure, which is not integrable only with today’s technology, but also with the technology that might be implemented in the future. They make sure there are multiple ways of integration, not just one, and that everything is protected under the fraud prevention halo to make users’ digital life easier, while ensuring their security.

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