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The key to the successful implementation of a robust authentication system lies in the method of deployment and enrollment of users. This VU Security offers its clients various schemes, in order to adapt to the infrastructure on which it is to implement such a policy.

Sending Methods

Una vez registrado un usuario el sistema VU Application SOnce a user logged in the Application Server VU system sends an email or SMS link to the mobile device in which the user wants to install the Mobile Tokens VU. This link allows you to connect the device with an advanced detection system platforms, whereby proceeds to redirect the user to the appropriate installation instructions for the type of device used.erver envía un link por email o sms al dispositivo móvil en el cual el usuario desea instalar el VU Mobile Tokens. Ese link permite conectar al dispositivo con un avanzado sistema de detección de plataformas, mediante el cual se procede a redireccionar al usuario al instructivo de instalación adecuado para el tipo de dispositivo utilizado.
To optimize deployment, VU Application Server integrates modules and SMTP, SMS and USSD support.

Other processes of delivery:


Normally strong authentication systems require users to perform complex registration processes, having to enter serial numbers or codes in order to generate the link to the system. The model VU coupons Application Server provides users with a unique identifier by which the necessary information is downloaded and the enrollment process is performed in only 35 seconds.
Tested Environments Home Banking, VPN'sy mixed systems with Active Directory authentication, ensures a flexible, simple to use and safe both system users and administrators.

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