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The financial and banking sector is one of the sectors that has greater dynamism in the market, while stands out for being demanding security. Currently, the financial sector is in constant evolution and modernization process, mobilized by changes in linked to competitiveness and globalization.

In this context, issues such as identity theft, management of payments and collections and management of economic resources come into play making systems must protect against daily threats. New threats, risks and vulnerabilities and changing business requirements underscore the need to adopt a strategy of strong authentication, to ensure that services are delivered to who is responsible, that the solution is scalable according to the needs of protection and prevention and contemplating future technological scenarios.

Proposed solution
In this sense, to compete in the dynamic world of finance, it is necessary to have innovative technologies that improve customer service, optimize operations and back-office to strengthen risk management. VU omnichannel Authentication Framework enables institutions to provide security mechanisms distnace high prestige for partners and customers.

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