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VU Security has the support and backing of large companies in the world of technology and security. To provide premier integration, we work collaboratively to provide simple, effective and inexpensive schemes. In this way, we create the ideal place to ensure that our customers access to their corporate networks environment.

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VU Security is Intel® Software Premier Elite Partner in the Intel® Developer Zone. The aim of this partnership is the co-development of software focused on safety, promoting the development of software optimized for Intel architecture.

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The massive implementation of cloud solutions has also generated massive publication of critical business information.

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Today, networks have no limits, so it is crucial to have effective identity and rights management schemes.

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In Red Hat, an innovative community of customers, partners and employees are connected to provide a stack of open source high trust, high performance technologies that solve business problems.

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VU Security and Technisys maintain a collaboration agreement to facilitate access to the banking market where a range of productivity solutions, and customizing each client combined with security in financial transactions.

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VU Security is Partner Gold Level Oracle Worldwide. With more than 380,000 customers, including 100 of the Fortune 100 companies and deployments in a wide variety of industries in over 145 countries around the world, Oracle offers an optimized and fully integrated business hardware and software systems stack.


Network entities face three main challenges today. Theft or unauthorized access to sensitive data is a constant concern.

Logo OIC

ICO is a group of industry leaders who come together to provide a specification, and promote open source implementation to improve interoperability between the billions of devices that make Internet of Things (IoT).

Logo FIDO-Alliance

FIDO Alliance, www.fidoalliance.org, was formed in July 2012 to address the lack of interoperability between strong authentication technologies, and address the problems faced by users to create and remember multiple user names and passwords.

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