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For Health, it is understood the set of entities that oversee the welfare of individuals within a population, including hospitals, health centers and clinics, among others. Thus, all those goods and services that are intended to preserve and protect the health of people constitute the health sector.

A ubiquitous tool in the clinical practice of health professionals and every patient is safe to your medical records to be private and exclusive use of the access patient relationship - doctor. Same situation occurs with validation professionals exclusively authorized by their patients according to their clinical history and disease treatments. It is essential that both processes provide the necessary security and confidentiality what they mean to each individual, therefore, access is critical and should be safe and specific to each patient.

Proposed solution
To meet the three actors in the process of care in health institutions: the patient, the professional sector and the administrative sector, VU develops solutions that ensure that medical records are confidential doctor and patient, as well as treatments specific to each patient, requiring the exclusive authorization of the attending physician.

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