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What is a dual-factor authentication based on cell phones?

It is a mobile application that generates a one-time password. Works on phones and mobile devices. It works in conjunction with a server module to implement a secure authentication system, without direct connection between the user module and server module.

How is it used?

VU Security Solution to generate a one-time password (OTP) on a cell phone, smartphone or PDA. When the user needs to enter a system, uses the password (OTP) generated in your personal and unique device and its static password, ensuring that the individual is who he says.

Implementation HOTP

VU Security solutions implemented HOTP algorithm specifications. HOTP generator algorithm is a one-time password-based HMAC specified by the IETF. As a general rule, VU Security work based on standards and specifications backed worldwide.
Technical Specification: RFC 4226

Implementation TOTP:

TOTP (Time Based One Time Password) is an extension of the already tested HMAC-Based One Time Password. TOTP implementation uses a scheme whereby lets give it a short lifetime each OTP.
Technical Specification: RFC 6238

Implementation VUOTP:

VUOTP (One Time Password Security VU): VU Security has a generation method, validation and authentication OTP's owners, by allowing you to work simultaneously with a set of events, time and patterns authentication. This mode gives the customer the opportunity to choose a variety of options and generate your propie strong authentication scheme.

Implementation OATH:

OATH: Open System authentication, which allows providers robust authentication solutions coexist under one infraesctructura. VU Security solutions are compatible with this standard uqe allow integration with other brands and solutions on the market.
Technical Specification: Release 2.0

Customizing algorithm

VU Security is different from the market in general to have the ability to customize the algorithm for the exclusive use of the client, so you can have a single SEED in the world that minimizes risk of exploitation of vulnerabilities.

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