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Welcome to the VU Support Service Guide. Here you will find all the information you need to get our speciallist´s help:

Please provide us with this information to recieve a succesfull atention:

Criticality Level:

Our support team will evaluate the priority of care in relation to the following priority levels:

Level Description
Critic The use of the software in production is stopped o the impact is so severe that the affected business cannot continue operating in a reasonable way, therefore is required an immediate solution.
High Important software´s capacities are not available, with no possible temporary solution. We will not stop the software in use, however, there is a serious impact in productivity and/or service level in the affected business.
Medium Important software´s capacities are not available, but there is the chance of a temporary solution or not so significant capacities are affected with no temporary solution.
Low Software is still in production with no operational impact.

Contact the support area:

Communication channels are:

Service Channel
E-mail Support soporte@vusecurity.com
Phone Support (+54) 11 2102 1105
Tickets Sistem Url: www.vusecurity.com/soporte/

At what time should I reach at you?

Available time to reach our support team is:

Service Timetable
Email Support 07/24
Phone Support Monday to Friday - 09:00hs a 18:00hs (Arg timetable - GMT -3).
Tickets Sistem 07/24
On-site support Guaranteed within 72 hours of the work week.

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