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Telecommunications make up an industry that is booming and that moves in one direction and other local and global economy for their outstanding level of turnover and job role. This sector includes technologies such as data, mobile technology, computer networks, radio, TV, among others.

The constantly updated and new threats emerging daily about fraud and identity, give birth to the need to provide secure access to systems via VPN and WiFi and customer self service. This situation highlights the need to adopt a strong authentication strategy that is based on the simple delivery service, selection and future possibilities of scalability.

Proposed solution
The current problem of implementing a system of second factor is the lack of support for different applications, and results in the inability to integrate, development costs, very high times, hybrid versions unsupported or hard to apply updates or patches security. To solve this problem, VU has a solution that involves modifying the user's communication with the final application, incorporating an additional layer of security and integrating our system second factor.

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