Since 2016, Microsoft and VU™ work together to offer last-generation solutions that help companies be more competitive. At the same time, they protect digital identities, reduce transactional risks, improve user experience and prevent fraud.


VU™, selected as Country Partner of the Year by Microsoft .

Used/Applied technology


Working on Azure means working with decades of advanced research. The application of its AI technology and the most comprehensive statutory compliance helps to offer innovative solutions.

Cognitive Services

Series of AI models trained for specific domains. They allow to customize the VU™ solutions for each client.

Machine Learning

The automatic learning system based on Python

The Artificial Intelligence (AI)

is the capacity of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior. It allows machines to analyze images, understand oral language, interact naturally with people and make predictions based on data. Watch the video to know how the application of machine learning and business intelligence Microsoft Cognitive Services help to keep the solutions up to date so they become more effective in fraud prevention and identity protection.


Secure Onboarding Process®

Management of the citizen’s life cycle during the digital transformation process.

VU App & Cloud Server®

On-cloud multifactor, multiplatform user authentication with customized flexible integration.

VU Face Recogn®

Biometric authentication through facial recognition.