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Privacy Policies | VU™ Security

Data collection and protection policy

All VU™ Security’s technology includes a link to their privacy policy. Our collection and privacy policy clearly and explicitly declares that:

VU™ collects information used during the process of enrollment and validation to guarantee the traceability of all the gesture verification. VU™ does not store information about third parties; that information is owned and stored by each client. VU™ does not share nor send private or confidential information to any government or third-party entity.

VU™ will provide the same and equal protection of user data as stated in privacy policy and required by these Guidelines, without the use of a third-party software.

To ensure people’s data protection, VU™ provides the best available level of encryption during the use of all its technology.

VU™ Security shows any existing or new user, the different kind of security processes that can be involved in an omnichannel system to optimize digital transactions.

VU™’s technology only requests access to data that is relevant to the core functionality of the anti-fraud technology and only collects and uses data that is required to accomplish the relevant task. VU™ does not access the information of third parties for commercial, marketing, or advertising purposes or use-based data mining, including by third parties.

VU™ follows international laws and regulations and, unless permitted by law, does not use, transmit or share anybody’s personal data without their consent. Data collected for this app will not be repurposed without further consent unless otherwise explicitly permitted by law.

In VU™ we consider the digital assets of each citizen as a unique and indivisible part of their identity, whether digital or physical, therefore we will always be consistent in our efforts to protect their privacy, confidentiality and integrity. All of VU™’s technology respects the user’s permission settings and does not attempt to manipulate, trick or force people to consent to unnecessary data access.

By using the app, the user is accepting these terms and conditions, and privacy policy.

At any time, any user can demand the deletion of any information by just sending an email to soporte@VU™security.com asking for their information to be deleted.