About VU

It provides fraud prevention and identity protection solutions. It is the only Company within the region aligned with the good practices of international authentication, as part of the Tech Accord, Endeavor, FIDO Alliance, the Open Authentication Alliance (OATH) and the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF).

Our Pillars


They validate our experience and endorse our security. Their results speak for us.


They represent the visible face of our solutions, as well as the key for their commercialization and technological integration.


Accountable for the company’s growth, the brand’s prestige and the cybersecurity of all the citizens.


They bestow the prestige and trust prompted by our solutions.


Develop, sell and implement security solutions that consider the accelerated changes of the market, the evolution of the state of the art and the application norms in order to act effectively in the prevention and protection against every threat.


To position ourselves as world leaders in fraud prevention and identity protection to guarantee the confidentiality and readiness of the information throughout the digital transformation process.



Desarrollar, comercializar e implementar soluciones tecnológicas de seguridad que contemplen los vertiginosos cambios del mercado, la evolución del estado del arte y las normas de aplicación, para actuar en forma efectiva en la prevención y protección ante toda amenaza.

Posicionarnos a nivel mundial en prevención de fraude y protección de la identidad, para garantizar la confidencialidad y disponibilidad de la información durante el proceso de transformación digital.


Cibersecurity standards

Colllaborates whith Cisco to prevent cybersecurity thats. ​

A group of 80 companies that cooperate to improve the security of cyberspace.

OCF works to set standards for IoT ensuring secure interoperability for consumers, businesses and industries.

Group of companies & organizations that participate in the definition of a standard protocol for secure authentication.

Industry-wide collaboration to develop an open reference architecture to promote the adoption of strong authentication.

s the world´s leading researcher and publisher and a trusted source for cybersecurity facts, figures, and statistics.


VU was founded by Sebastián Stranieri in 2007 in order to improve the life of citizens and make operations easier, simpler and more secure.

  • 2007
    VU is founded.

  • 2008
    VU gets its first client: Banco Credicoop.

  • 2009
    VU launches App & Cloud Server, a revolution in users’ authentication.

  • 2010
    Launches VU Mobile Tokens.

  • 2011
    VU introduces behavior analysis to help validate users’ identity.

  • 2012
    VU joins the portfolio of accelerated companies by NXTP Labs as the first with BtoB company among its 100 accelerated companies.

  • 2013
    VU expands to Chile and Uruguay. Sebastián Stranieri is awarded as a young innovator by the MIT Technology Review.

  • 2014
    VU adds Banco Macro, Banelco in Argentina, and Banco de la República Oriental del Uruguay to its list of satisfied customers.

  • 2015
    VU forms an alliance with Cisco and receives an award as one of the most innovative startups in the region. It incorporated Falabella Group and Globant as clients.

  • 2016
    Establishes alliance with Microsoft. VU expands to the Andes region.

  • 2017
    VU receives a Series A Investment Round for US$ 4.3 million. Founding member of the Argentinean Fintech Chamber. Sebastián Stranieri is recognized as Forbes Entrepreneur Argentina people and winner of Sadosky Entrepreneur of the Year Award (CESSI).

  • 2018
    VU is selected as a finalist of the Visa Everywhere Initiative among 350 LATAM companies. Finalist in the Finnovista process. Member of the Uruguayan Chamber of Information Technology (CUTI), Microsoft´s Tech Accord and Endeavor Entrepreneur.

  • 2019
    VU is the winner of different awards including: Accelerate Spain, Microsoft Partner of the Year and finalist of the Open Innovation Contest 9.0 NTT Data. In addition, it is integrated into the Fintech Chamber of the Dominican Republic and the Fintechile Chamber.


Sebastián Stranieri

Sebastián founded VU in 2007 to prevent online fraud and protect users’ identity, as well as help fight phishing, pharming and social engineering attacks. Less than a year later, Banco Credicoop chose VU to increase the security of their home banking system, and still does. Since then, Sebastián has received awards that validate his commitment with cybersecurity. These include the awards as Entrepreneur of the Year by the MIT Technology Review (2013), the Red Innova Challenge (2016), one of the 30 Forbes Argentina Promises (2017), Entrepreneur of the Year by the Chamber of Argentine Software Industry (CESSI) and Endeavor Entrepreneur (2018).

Néstor Serravalle

Néstor Serravalle is the Global Chief Sales Officer of VU. He is in charge of deepening the strategy and commercial management of VU to expand its participation within the global market of cybersecurity solutions for the business. He has a long career, with more than 30 years in the technology and information systems industry. He worked in top level companies such as Microsoft, Technisys, Tata Consultancy Services, SAP and Hewlett Packard, where he built solid teams and led projects with a big social and business impact.

Nicolás Stranieri

As CTO, he is responsible of the development of the technology strategy and the analysis of future technologies. He works to stay on the forefront of the cybersecurity market, to provide robust, easily integrable solutions that helps protect the citizens’ identity, safeguard the digital assets of companies and prevent fraud.

Diego Vázquez

He is the Technology Development Director. With a functional understanding of the necessities of the business, he develops solutions and selects the technology for them. He is skilled in cybersecurity, mechanics, electricity, even machine learning and behavior analysis.